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What kind of athlete are you?

Track your miles. Effortlessly.

The MilestonePod is the easiest way to track the mileage on your running or walking shoes. No buttons to push, no battery to charge, no need to be tech savvy.
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Dig deeper into each run.

Wirelessly sync to your smartphone to view mileage, pace, cadence, run history, and emergency information.
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MilestonePod for Retailers.

Milestone has developed a system for retailers that allows significantly enhanced relationships with customers.
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An average pair of running shoes lasts 300-500 miles.

So how do you know when shoes need to be retired? Don't use the treads of your running shoes to determine whether you should replace your shoes. The midsole, which provides the cushioning and stability, usually breaks down before the bottom shows major signs of wear.

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How To Beat Runner’s Knee

The most common running injury is not what you think it is. Patellofemoral pain syndrome — otherwise known as anterior knee pain and runner’s knee — is the most common running injury, accounting for roughly 20 percent of all running injuries. The main symptom is pain below the...

More Support for Rotating Shoes to Reduce Running Injury Risk

More Support for Rotating Shoes to Reduce Running Injury Risk March 12, 2014 By Peter Larson A few months back I wrote a post on a study that found that rotating running shoes can reduce injury risk for runners. The logic is that shoes of different construction alter how forces...

Bad knees? Try switching shoes every 250 miles

Running is the most tenuous of the three sports. Running injuries are rampant, and I have certainly experienced my share. I have had the requisite stress fracture and knee aches, and two years ago I suffered from sesamoiditis inflammation of the ball of the foot. Trust me, it...

Running Shoe Durability: How Many Miles Can You Expect

RUNNING SHOE DURABILITY: HOW MANY MILES CAN YOU EXPECT AND HOW TO EXTEND THE LIFE OF YOUR RUNNING SHOES Folks who work in running shoe stores invariably hear a lot of the same questions over and over again, but the two most frequently asked questions that are heard everyday are...

MilestonePod to Represent Maryland Center

Five Companies to Represent Maryland Center for Entrepreneurship in the InvestMaryland Challenge 1 Resident Company and 4 Affiliates Advance to the Second Round of Competition Columbia, MD (2/11/14) – Five start-up businesses with ties to the Howard County Economic...

Wearable Tech Device For Runners and Walkers Hits Stores

Milestone Sports Ltd. is pleased to announce immediate availability and shipping of their MilestonePod wearable device. The MilestonePod attaches to your running or walking shoe to provide detailed activity information and to help you know the proper time to replace your shoes...

Digital Odometer Monitors Running Shoe Lifespan

Digital Odometer Monitors Running Shoe Lifespan – PSFK: “Training in worn-out shoes is one of the most common causes of running-related injuries. Cushioning and stability lessens as miles accumulate on a pair of shoes, increasing the stress and impact per step that...

SELF Magazine features the MilestonePod

The Coolest New Fitness Gadgets: Self.com Loop this pod onto your sneaker laces. The relatively low-tech, wallet-friendly tool counts miles logged and uses Bluetooth to beam those numbers to a free app, so you can easily chart overall stats. You ran 62 miles this month? High...