Track your miles. Effortlessly.

The MilestonePod is the easiest way to track the mileage on your running or walking shoes. No buttons to push, no battery to charge, no need to be tech savvy.
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Your Run Form Buddy.

Wirelessly sync to your smartphone to view mileage, pace, cadence, stance time, stride length, footstrike, and run history. These insights can help runners and walkers at all levels.
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MilestonePod for Retailers.

Milestone has developed a system for retailers that allow significantly enhanced relationships with customers.
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An average pair of running shoes lasts 300-500 miles.

So how do you know when shoes need to be retired? Don't use the treads of your running shoes to determine whether you should replace your shoes. The midsole, which provides the cushioning and stability, usually breaks down before the bottom shows major signs of wear.

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Milestone Pod Review and Giveaway | Psuche Running

MILESTONE POD REVIEW AND GIVEAWAY February 6, 2015 by Bryan Runners get pretty hung up on numbers. There’s the magical cadence of 180 bpm that some shoot for. Others are interested in how many miles they have on their shoes so they know when to properly replace them. Other people...

How to Improve Your Running Cadence

One of running’s greatest charms is its simplicity. It requires very little equipment, no fields or courts, and is fairly easy to step out the door and try. While this all makes for a cheap and efficient activity, it seems that somewhere along the line we began to overlook...

Heel Striking, Overstriding, and Cadence

Written by Matt Phillips  In last week’s article, Introduction To Running Biomechanics, we took a look at the individual components that make up a single stride, collectively referred to as the Gait Cycle. We considered two phases: the Stance Phase (during which your foot i...

Is It Harmful To Heel Strike When Running?

Research says it might not be as dangerous as we’ve been made to think.  Even though 95 percent of runners instinctively strike the ground with their heels, there is a growing trend among running experts to have lifelong heel strikers convert to a more forward contact point. The...

7 Transformative Pieces of 2015 Running Tech – Competitor.com

Milestone Pod V2 Sensoria and a small handful of other companies are pushing the boundaries of what running technology can measure—the Milestone Pod is expanding what’s possible for the cost of a steak dinner. It’s a tiny, simplistic foot pod that laces into a shoe. During a run,...

Milestone Pod Tracks Baltimore Running Festival

COLUMBIA, Md. October 27, 2014- Working with Fleet Feet Baltimore, and in support of the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults, Milestone Sports distributed hundreds of MilestonePods to participants of the Baltimore Running Festival, held October 18th, 2014. Fifty-five pace group...

MilestonePod featured by FOX 5 at Wearables + Things

MilestonePod presents at the Wearables and Things Show and Conference in Arlington, Virginia. Julie Wright, from FOX 5, gets a sneak peek at new wearable technology! Everything from a blue-tooth ski suit to hi-tech jewelry “The Wearables And Things Show And...

MilestonePod is set to try something different – Wearable.co.uk

One of the most common aspects of fitness wearables, whether it’s a low cost one or an expensive, top performer, is that they tend to strap on to the user’s wrist. There might be the odd one that attaches around your neck, or clips to your uniform like a brooch, but all of them...