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What type of athlete are you?

Track your miles. Effortlessly.

The MilestonePod is the easiest way to track the mileage on your running or walking shoes. No buttons to push, no battery to charge, no need to be tech savvy.
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Dig deeper into each run.

Wirelessly sync to your smartphone to view mileage, pace, cadence, stance time, stride length, calories, and run history.
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MilestonePod for Retailers.

Milestone has developed a system for retailers that allow significantly enhanced relationships with customers.
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An average pair of running shoes lasts 300-500 miles.

So how do you know when shoes need to be retired? Don't use the treads of your running shoes to determine whether you should replace your shoes. The midsole, which provides the cushioning and stability, usually breaks down before the bottom shows major signs of wear.

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Digging Deeper into the Data, CEO Blog Post #2

By Jason Kaplan, MilestonePod CEO I am really excited about some of the new data we are presenting in the MilestonePod and even more excited about what I am learning about myself. As I said in my first blog post, the Pod has taught me that I have an absurdly low stride length. I...

Fast After 40: Master Your Stride – Competitor.com

Preserving your stride as you age is the first line of defense against reduced performance. For Masters runners, the first thing to go isn’t our eyesight, our memory, or even our metabolism, no matter how much we’d like to blame our love handles on the latter. The first thing to...

3 Ways to Increase Running Cadence for Speed

Work on your leg turnover by following a few simple steps. Hit a plateau in your running? Feel like you’re slogging along while others float by? Want a quick, easy way to get faster? Increasing your cadence may be just what you need. Cadence is the number of times your foot...

MilestonePod Review

MilestonePod ReviewAugust 30, 2014 I originally saw MilestonePod on a blog or Instagram or somewhere on social media this past winter.  My initial impression upon seeing it was that it was merely a pedometer of sorts and I’ll admit that I wasn’t sure right away what it was all...

MilestonePod is set to try something different – Wearable.co.uk

One of the most common aspects of fitness wearables, whether it’s a low cost one or an expensive, top performer, is that they tend to strap on to the user’s wrist. There might be the odd one that attaches around your neck, or clips to your uniform like a brooch, but all of them...

Wearables startup MilestonePod gets up and running – Technical.ly Baltimore

Turns out most wearables go on your elbow, off your elbow and into the drawer for good. “Fifty percent of trackers are unused after three months,” said Jason Kaplan, CEO of MilestonePod, a Columbia startup looking to buck that trend. Kaplan presented last week at the Baltimore...

Local wearable tech companies react to the Apple Watch debut – The Washington Post

By Steven Overly September 21 at 4:13 PM The market for computerized devices that consumers wear on their wrists, faces and other parts of the body has been growing slowly, gaining traction among technology enthusiasts with only modest mainstream adoption. Enter Apple. The...

Footstrike and Runficiency Data for the MilestonePod

MILESTONE SPORTS RELEASES FOOTSTRIKE AND RUNFICIENCY DATA FOR THE MILESTONEPOD MilestonePod wearable device for runners now tracks heel/toe footstrike, stride length, stance time and our new Runficiency Score. COLUMBIA, Md., Sept. 9, 2014 – Milestone Sports, Ltd. is releasing...