NEW! MilestonePod High School Program


Use the power of the low-cost MilestonePod to virtually track your runner’s daily performance and gait metrics. 

Bonus: Your runners will ❤ it too!

For High School Coaches – Data Report

  • Delivered to your inbox each Monday morning.
  • Get data by runner: daily details + weekly averages.
  • Excel format allows for unlimited analytics.
  • Fully automatic. No manual action needed.

For High School Runners – MilestonePod and App

  • Clip Pod to shoe once and forget it.
  • Sync to free App post run. No need to carry phone.
  • Includes Shoe Odometer and Run Log.
  • Stay motivated & healthy by knowing HOW you run.

High School Pricing (U.S. only):
Coaches Data Report: $0
MilestonePod: $19.50 each, sold in cases of 20

See your local MilestonePod Retailer. Don’t have one near you? Contact us here.


“The MilestonePod is exactly the kind of tool we were looking for to help our kids learn to run more efficiently, effectively and reduce the risk of injury.  Our kids are completely bought in, engaged and excited to review the data from their latest run.  We’ve already experienced the benefits of the Pods and plan on outfitting every one of our cross country and track distance runners.  Thank you for making our jobs as coaches that much easier!”
Coach Troy Harry, Tuscarora High School, Leesburg, VA


“Using the MilestonePod enables me to not have to worry about kids that can’t make it to practice. I can give students workouts and with the Coach’s Reports I can see 1. If they did them and 2. HOW they did.”
– Coach Courtney Jackson, Covington, GA