Fall & Winter Running: Favorite Things

‘Tis the Season of short days and low temps!

At one point or another, we all struggle with what to put on before heading out into the dark, cold, snow or ice. Whether you are a new runner dealing with winter running for the first time, or a veteran looking for new ideas, the Pod/Saucony Virtual Running Team has you covered!  We asked them one simple questions: What is your winter running must have?

Kat Schuller | Georgia
Buffs! I use Buffs for a variety of things – to keep my neck warm, pull over my mouth and nose, and warm my ears. If it warms up, it’s super small and light and easily folds into a pocket or pack. Follow Kat on Instagram: @kattrails

Kat (left) and her neck warmer Buff.


Lisa Verdon | Illinois
I love winter running in Chicago and I love my YakTrax! They help me from slipping on the ice and they actually grip the snow for me.  Follow Lisa on Instagram: @lisarunschicago

Lisa sporting her YakTrax and snow-proof MilestonePod!


Sara Turner| Virginia
My Saucony Kinvara Runshield shoes are especially great for when temps change mid-run. They keep my feet warm at the beginning, but still allows them to breathe as it warms up. The wind-blocking material is like having a light jacket on my feet! Follow Sara on Instagram: @therunningwife

Sara’s Kinvara 8 Runshield and MilestonePod.


Jenna Kinzie | Texas
It doesn’t get incredibly cold here in Texas so I am pretty much always in shorts. I really like my Adidas Supernova Glide Shorts. They have a comfy waistband and are reflective for dark runs. On the chilly days when I do wear crops, the Saucony Bullet Capri is seriously, hands down, my favorite (not just saying b/c it’s Saucony!!) I LOVE the feel and the pockets! Follow Jenna on Instagram: @jenna.runs

Jenna sports her Saucony Bullet Capri at a recent race.


Ana Phillips | Illinois
I have to have my ear warmer and glovesI have to protect my ears from the cold or they start to hurt. My hands ache when they’re cold and keeping them warm means fewer distractions, and fewer distractions on a run is always better! Follow Ana on Instagram: @anarunssometimes

Ana’s toasty warm hands and ears! Pictured: Saucony Ultimate Touch Tech Glove.


Allison Odle | Illinois
One of my favorite winter running must-haves is my Under Armour Coldgear Mock. It’s lightweight, breathable and insulated. If it’s below 35 degrees outside I’m wearing it. If it’s below 20 degrees, I will pair it with my NorthFace Aconcagua Vest. Plus – I feel like I LOOK cute in them and that always helps! Feeling like I’m trendy while I am winter running can help get me out the door! Follow Ally on Instagram: @ally_o_run

Ally post workout, sporting her UA Coldgear Mock.


Alexa Lampasona | Georgia
I love my Pearl Izumi Elite Barrier Convertible Jacket. I use it to block the wind while cycling, and then for running I unzip the sleeves and turn it into a vest. Often my core temp needs to stay warm but I want to regulate with no sleeves while running, so this jacket is perfect! It’s also extra reflective for nighttime. I also love the Saucony Bullet Capris because of the pocket! If my pack is full, the large pocket is good to put trash (from my fuel) or to get something warmed up quickly using body heat (like a gel). Follow Alexa on Instagram: @activetastylife

Alexa shows off her Bullet Capri’s & convertible vest. Also pictured: team favorite Buff and MilestonePod!


Liz Canty | Alabama
My two favorite things for winter running: Buffs (seriously dude, they are the best ear warmer, neck warmer and sweat wiper of all time!) and my Patagonia Houdini Jacket. It blocks the wind great – I never get too cold – yet, it’s super lightweight and packs up small to easily carry. I wore this jacket and a tank top while pacing at the Bear 100 in sub-30 temps! It’s never on sale but possibly the best money you’ll spend on running gear outside of MilestonePod and Saucony! Follow Liz on Instagram: @runcantyrun

Liz’s packable Houdini jacket and must-have Buff, during the Bear 100 Miler.


Ashley Pryor | Missouri
For me, fleece lined pants or tights are a must. I love Nike Pro Hyperwarm, but many brands make them. The key is the thin thermal lining that still wicks. Follow Ashley on Instagram: @ashleyproruns143

Ashley keeps warm with fleece lined tights.


Meridith Ussery | Georgia
I run roads a lot, so my Nathan reflective vest makes me feel like I’m doing my part to help drivers see me. I also like to wear it in the evenings when we do our family stroller runs or our family walks. Also, my stroller rain cover has given me so much freedom to keep running as the temps dip. My toddler Cadence stays nice and toasty in the stroller, and I run through temps in the low 40s without having to worry about her getting too cool. Follow Meridith on Instagram: @runningwithcadence

Meridith during a dark run with her trusty reflective vest (above), and sweet and toasty Cadence under her rain cover (below). Also pictured: team favorite Saucony Bullet Capri.


Jackie Merritt | Georgia
Whether it’s winter or summer, I rarely walk outside without a BuffYou can wear them anywhere – head, neck, face, whatever. They are warm in the winter and can be soaked in cold water or frozen in the summer to cool you down. At Western States I froze Buffs, dunked them in ice water and swapped them out at the aid stations. We don’t get much snow or ice in Atlanta, but when we do my Saucony KOA ST are perfect for traction and warmth. 

I also love the Saucony Brisk Long Sleeve for layering on cold days. It’s the warmest and softest long sleeve shirt that I own!  Follow Jackie on Instagram: @j_palm_

Jackie and her Buff! Also pictured: team favorite Patagonia Houdini jacket.


Have a safe and fun winter running season!
– The Virtual Running Team


The Virtual Running Team is led by elite ultrarunner Jackie Merritt and powered by MilestonePod and Saucony. It is currently made up of 14 women who love running, data, and motivating others to get out there through social media. Be sure to follow the team on Instagram for daily doses of motivation all winter long!


Author: Nancy Rowe

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