‘Go Beyond Pace’ Goes Down Under

Milestone Sports only recently entered the Australian market and the MilestonePod already had its first 26.2 mile (42.2km), riding on the foot of Simon Forster during the Sunshine Coast Marathon in Queensland. Simon works for The Athlete’s Foot in Carindale, which is now stocking the MilestonePod (along with The Athlete’s Foot in Bondi Junction and in Ballarat).

After a stellar 3:47 marathon performance, Simon learned some interesting insights after syncing his Pod to his MilestonePod App, and has agreed to let us share them with you.

The first thing which jumped out at us is Simon’s strong finish.  This can be seen by the steady climb of the grey pace lines across each graph.  What is more impressive is that Simon kept a consistent cadence (~173) throughout the race and increased his stride length to increase speed.

The maintained cadence indicates Simon was keeping his form together and only in the strong push at the end did he need to alter his form (and only slightly) to increase cadence and reach a peak speed of almost 13km/hr (8mph).  This form check is also confirmed by his consistently high leg swing during the entire marathon!

“During the run it felt as though (an) increased cadence was the driving factor to the increase in pace but it obviously wasn’t,” remarked Simon.

Simon’s data also had a great example of “settling down” after taking a walking break.  The rate of impact graph shows the impact creeping up as the race progressed.  A rest can be seen around the 100 minute mark and, very impressively, Simon was able to recover back to the low rate of impact with which he started. He kept his rate of impact low until he started his final push for the finish line.

ROI bottom jpg

After your next run, be sure to check out your graphs.  You can find them by tapping the “graphs” and “strike” icons at the bottom of your Run Details screen.

Where could you have relaxed to reduce your rate of impact?  Did your form start to change at a certain time or place on your run?  These questions can be answered to help improve your run and keep you healthy if you Go Beyond Pace.

Simon Forster of Bisbane, Queensland, Australia, running the Sunshine Coast Marathon with his MilestonePod

Author: Steve Suydam

Steve is a PhD and Director of Research at Milestone Sports. He can be reached at