Meet our #1 Pod user for 2016!

When the global Pod numbers were tallied for the year 2016, Jim Franks, 55, of Gibsonia, PA, came out on top for the most miles run with a MilestonePod.

Here is his story.

Family: Married with three daughters, age 28, 26, and 20. Life long Pittsburgh area resident.

Profession: Patent Attorney and adjunct professor at the Duquesne University School of Law. Prior to this, Jim was a chemist and patent-holding inventor.

Pod miles logged in 2016: 2,840

Pod sessions logged in 2016: 278, averaging 10.2 miles per run

Favorite MilestonePod metrics: leg swing and rate of impact

Favorite racing distance: Marathon

Number of marathons: Eight – 5 Pittsburgh, 2 Erie, and 1 Outer Banks (see image)

For the love of running: “I have run off and on since I was a teenager, but started running steadily 11 years ago after our youngest daughter was diagnosed with Type-1 diabetes.  Since then, I have not stopped. I run because I like to run, and I run marathons because I can (and they are fun).”

Getting in the miles: “I typically run about 63 miles a week with occasional drops into the 50’s and 40’s. During the week, I get up at 3:45 am to run about 10.5 miles before work.”

Discovering the MilestonePod: “My oldest daughter gave me a MilestonePod as a birthday present a few years back.  I found it to be useful.  Now, every chance I get, I tell other runners about the Pod! One of the things I say is that you get a lot of bang for your buck.  Even if a runner has a GPS watch (like I do), the Pod provides additional and useful information, at a great price. And, if nothing else, it is an easy way to keep track of the miles on your shoes.”

Pod data to the rescue: “I had used Mizuno Wave Inspire shoes for a long time –  through models 9, 10, and 11. Last year, I was using the new Mizuno Wave Inspire 12, but was experiencing some unusual pain in my knees and hips.  I checked the rate of impact data from my Pod, which showed high impact in the red.  I stopped using those shoes immediately and moved to Asics GT-2000 4’s, with no issues. I knew there was a problem, but the Pod helped to validate things. The Mizuno’s were well made shoes for sure, but both the shoes (and perhaps I) had changed too much, so we needed to part ways.”

What 2017 will bring: “Becoming a grandfather!”

Congratulations, Jim on being our #1 runner in 2016. Keep an eye out for two New MilestonePods and a [very] limited edition Milestone Sports tech tee as a small gift of appreciation from us. – The Milestone Sports Team


Author: Nancy Rowe

Nancy is the VP of Marketing and Communications at Milestone Sports. She can be reached at