MilestonePod App adds most-requested features

MilestonePod App update: August 16, 2017

Wish you could see pace or cadence for just your running minutes? Want to see what shoe you wore for every session in your Run Log? What if you could trim off your warm up and cool-down to get Pod data for only your main workout? 

Over the past year, these have been some of the top user requests. Now your wishes have come true.

On August 16, 2017, Milestone Sports released an App update, giving MilestonePod users the ability to customize how they view, analyze and save their data. Users are especially enthused about the unique ability to trim or exclude walking minutes. [UPDATE: a mini app update was released in early October. The new versions are: iOS 3.1.14 and Android 3.1.12.]

Key updates include the following:

Run/Walk Toggle. For each running session that includes walking, you can view gait metrics for running minutes only.  This one-of-a-kind feature is ideal for runners using a run/walk training program such as the Galloway Method or for mixed sessions such as intervals.  

Duration Adjustment. In addition to distance calibration previously available, you can now trim off your warm-up and cool-down. Once unwanted minutes are deleted, all metrics automatically update, giving you clean data for the exact workout you want to see.  

Export Options. In addition to Excel, you can now download any session as a .TCX file, which is compatible with Strava, TrainingPeaks and others similar platforms. From the Run Log, swipe left on the run you want to download.

Better Multi-Pod Interface. For runners using two or more Pods, life just got a little easier.  Now shoe names appear throughout the Run Log and on the Run Details screen.

In addition to new features, the App update offers faster syncing, shorter firmware upgrades, quicker travel between screens and a simplified process for adding new Pods.

Here is a quick tour of the key features: 

Run/Walk Toggle
View/Adjust Session
Shoe names and export


For those of you interested in the nitty-gritty (you know who you are!) read on for more App updates.

– Swiping between Pods on the Dashboard will show data from the last run of the highlighted shoe (vs. the last run across all Pods).

– See your Pod’s firmware version by tapping Pod icon on the Dashboard.

– Date and time will auto-adjust after the battery is replaced (although we still recommend syncing before your next run).

– Better support for legacy iOS 8 and beta iOS 11.

– Better search function for tagged runs.

 – Easy access to FAQs and Support from the Menu > Settings.

– Click any metric icon in Run Details to see a pop up window with definition and tips.

– Push notifications for new runs to sync and/or new rewards.

– After going to Run Detail screen from Run Log, the back button will return you to exactly where you were.

– In single run “strike” graphs, red has been replaced with blue to remove the chance of equating red with “bad.” 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the App update?
If your device is set to auto-update apps, you are all set. If you get an alert that the MilestonePod App has an update, you may need to go to the App Store or Google Play Store to get the update. To check what version you have, look at the bottom left of the App Menu screen – it should say 3.1.14 for iOS or 3.1.12 for Android.

Will the new features work with the V2 Pod?
Yes. The App still supports the V2 Pod and the newest Pod. 

What metrics are included in the Run/Walk toggle?
Pace, cadence, ground contact time and stride length. If the session was registered as a walk, but there are running minutes included, a toggle to “running only” will also show foot strike, rate of impact, leg swing and Runficiency Score™.

Can I still calibrate distance like before? 
Yes, you can skip the new duration adjustment and calibrate distance only. From Run Details, tap “adjust & calibrate” > ADJUST > NEXT. Input your new distance and tap DONE. Tip: Before making a big distance calibration, check the new VIEW YOUR SESSION screen to ensure your run was not split into two because of a long pause. 

Can I just view my run and not adjust or calibrate? 
Yes, you can check out the new VIEW YOUR SESSION graph without making any changes. After you are finished, simply tap BACK.

What is this App version number?
As of October 2017, the newest App versions are 3.1.14 for iOS or 3.1.12 for Android (see yours on the bottom left corner of the menu screen). The newest firmware is CPU 3.0.42 | BLE 3.0.27 (see yours by tapping the Pod icon on the Dashboard).

Is the MilestonePod App still free?
Yes! You can still improve performance, stay healthy and find the right shoe free of charge. 

We hope you enjoy your MilestonePod experience even more! 

Author: Nancy Rowe

Nancy is the VP of Marketing and Communications at Milestone Sports. She can be reached at