MilestonePod App adds Strava/TrainingPeaks™ direct-export and social sharing feature

On December 5, 2017, Milestone Sports released an App update, fulfilling two popular user requests: the ability to easily send sessions to Strava or TrainingPeaks™, and the ability to share sessions with friends.

Both new features can be found in the top right corner of the Run Details screen. The new version is 3.1.21 for both iOS and Android. The latest firmware remains CPU 3.0.42 | BLE 3.0.27.

Uploading to Strava & TrainingPeaks™.
Users can now export any run or walk session from their MilestonePod App to their online Strava or TrainingPeaks with one tap. 

Both platforms support distance, pace, duration and cadence data. Users will also see their rate of impact, leg swing and foot strike in the description field (Strava) or comments field (TrainingPeaks™).

Since the MilestonePod App update this past August, users have been able to use the Pod in real-time with the Strava app.


Users can still manually upload sessions to both platforms, as well as any other platform that supports .TCX files. See how to export single sessions or full Run Logs here

One time log-in screens for Strava and TrainingPeaks™.


Social sharing.
Users now have the ability to share MilestonePod activity from the App, using any image from their device’s gallery. Users simply choose an image, swipe through available data overlays and share. Images can be shared to any platform their device supports, including text, social media, email and chat, or saved back into their gallery.

Available data overlays are distance/pace/time, Runficiency Score™, cadence, foot strike, rate of impact and leg swing. The image output is a square (1024 x 1024) .png file.

In addition to these key features, the App update also includes the following improvements:

-iPhone X support

-Easier Pod naming interface

-Fix for V2 MilestonePod “identify” issue

-Some general copy and bug fixes

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the App update?
If your device is set to auto-update apps, you are all set. If you get an alert that the MilestonePod App has an update, you may need to go to the App Store or Google Play Store to get the update.

What is this App version number?
As of December 5, 2017, the newest App versions are 3.1.21 for iOS and 3.1.21 for Android (see yours on the bottom left corner of the menu screen). The newest firmware remains CPU 3.0.42 | BLE 3.0.27 (see yours by tapping the Pod icon on the Dashboard).

The time and pace do not match between my MilestonePod App and Strava account.
The Strava online platform does not account for pauses, while the Pod has built-in auto pause. So if an uploaded session includes pauses, the duration (time) will not match the MilestonePod App, which will also affect the pace shown on Strava. Distance should always match (but note that Strava rounds down).  This is not unique to the Pod. Strava does not account for any pauses from any device, such as Garmin, Fitbit and others.

Can I use the new social sharing feature with past sessions?
Yes! You can share any session in your entire Run Log. 

I don’t see all the data overlay options for my picture. 
If your session is a “walk” you will have the option of distance/pace/time data. Foot strike, leg swing, and rate of impact metrics are only available for running sessions.

Will the new features work with the V2 Pod?
Yes. The App still supports the V2 Pod and the new Pod. 

Is the MilestonePod App still free?
Yes! You can still improve performance, stay healthy and find the right shoe free of charge. 

We hope you enjoy your MilestonePod experience even more!

Author: Nancy Rowe

Nancy is the VP of Marketing and Communications at Milestone Sports. She can be reached at