Meet our #1 Pod user for 2017!

When the global Pod numbers were tallied for the year 2017, Mark Bourgeois came out on top for the most miles run with a MilestonePod. Recently, Mark gave us a little peak into his running life:

Pod miles logged in 2017: 3,147

Home base: Virginia, U.S.A.

Family: married with three kids aged 21, 20 and 16

Profession: Sales and communications consultant. Ever suffered (or, worse, inflicted) “death by PowerPoint”? I fix that. 

When did you start running and why? I just started to run in 2015. I’d lost 45+ pounds and figured running would help me keep it off. Taking complete leave of my senses, I chose a half-marathon for my first race, which was only seven weeks away!

Favorite shoe? These days, it’s the New Balance Zante V3. I try to mix it up, but make sure to have a Pod on each shoe (see next question).

How did you first discover the MilestonePod?  I discovered the Pod after much Internet searching. Now I own six — they’re such a great value!

Favorite MilestonePod metrics: Foot strike. l also like to compare data between my left and right feet. I strive to balance my footfalls across both feet.

Favorite racing distance: Probably 10-milers. To me, ten miles feels like half-marathon effort at a 10k distance.

How has the Pod data helped you improve performance and stay healthy? I have a Pod on each shoe and have worked to correct muscle and stride imbalances due to persistent injuries to my left leg…..and it’s working (knock wood)!

What are the other important gear/nutrition pieces in your running life/toolkit? The three Cs: community, camaraderie, coffee. And a foam roller.

Goals for 2018: PR in the marathon and win a family 10k title.

Congratulations, Mark on being our #1 runner in 2017 and best of luck in 2018! Keep an eye out for a New MilestonePod and a [very] limited edition Milestone Sports tech tee as a small gift of appreciation from us. – The Milestone Sports Team


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Author: Nancy Rowe

Nancy is the VP of Marketing and Communications at Milestone Sports. She can be reached at