How Do You Compare? Your Year in Review.

It’s that time of year: the 2017 running logs are getting final entries and the 2018 logs are cracked open. We hope your year was full of meeting goals, setting PRs and most importantly, staying healthy and having fun.

It was a big year for the MilestonePod and App too! In 2017 this small but mighty run tacker became even mightier. In late spring we launched real-time. In August we added time adjustment and a run-only toggle. And starting in October, users enjoyed social sharing and Strava/TrainingPeaks™ export.

We hope you enjoyed learning more about your personal gait metrics and performance. Have you wondered how you compare to other Pod users around the world? We took a look and wanted to share with you…

When do MilestonePod users run?
How do MilestonePod users run?
What shoes do MilestonePod users wear? 

Thanks for being a part of the MilestonePod community and for Going Beyond Pace! Stay tuned for more exciting things coming your way from Milestone Sports!

WHEN do MilestonePod users run? 

If you are a morning runner or walker, know that a lot of Pod friends around the world are out there with you! Combing all runners and walkers, 6:00 AM is the most common Pod session start time.

Most popular times to start a RUN:
#1 – 6:00 AM
#2 – 5:00 AM
#3 – 5:00 PM

Most popular times to start a WALK:
#1 – 7:00 AM
#2 – 8:00 AM
#3 – 6:00 AM

Check out the interactive chart below, which overlays Runficiency Scores™.  All times are locally adjusted. Click on the full screen icon (bottom right) to enlarge.


HOW do MilestonePod users run? 

We crunched the numbers. The data list below represents the global average of all MilestonePod runs logged between January 1st and December 30th, 2017.  If you want to dive a little deeper, use the interactive chart at the end of this section, which breaks out the data by month. You will see that September is a winner! On average, Pod users ran faster and longer in September than any other month.

Rate of impact
79% Low
14% Mid
7% High

Foot strike
74% Heel
14% Midfoot
12% Toe

Leg swing
36% Low
47% Mid
17% High

165 steps per minute

Runficiency Score™
72 (out of 100)

Ground contact time
302 ms

5.2 miles | 8.4 km

9:52 min per mile | 6:08 min per km

In the chart below, filter between runs-only (cadence of 140+ spm), walk-only (cadence between 100 and 140 spm) or all sessions. The units of measure: imperial. Click on the full screen icon (bottom right) to enlarge.


Interested in totaling or averaging your personal MilestonePod data for the year? Download your Run Log to excel: Menu > Settings > Export Run Log. The file will be delivered to your email in seconds!

WHAT SHOES do MilestonePod users wear? 

We did not forget about your most important piece of gear! After all, we hitch a ride on them for every run! Did you know the MilestonePod App currently has 43 brands and exactly 2,327 models in our database? Here are the top brands and models by gender:

Most popular brands – Women
1. Brooks
2. Asics
3. Saucony
4. Nike
5. Hoka

Most popular brands – Men
1. Asics
2. Brooks
3. Saucony
4. Nike
5. Hoka 

Models that logged the most distance overall – Women
 1. Brooks Ghost 9
2. Brooks Glycerin 14
3. Asics GEL-Nimbus 18
4. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 17
5. Hoka Clifton 3

Models that logged the most distance overall – Men
1. Brooks Ghost 9
2. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 17
3. Asics GEL-Nimbus 18
4. Asics GEL-Kayano 23
5. Saucony Kinvara 7

See you out there in 2018! 


Special thanks to Milestone Sports staff member Chris Feitz for his data wizardry! 

Author: Nancy Rowe

Nancy is the VP of Marketing and Communications at Milestone Sports. She can be reached at