Can I download/export my Pod data?

Yes! We offer a number of options to export data. 

Direct export to Strava or TrainingPeaks™
Run Detail > download icon top left of screen
Any session can be sent to these online training platforms. Tap the export icon found on the top left corner of the Run Details screen.  Then choose Strava or TrainingPeaks™. If it is your first direct export, you will need to connect your account and give permission. After this one time log-in, your session will be sent immediately, the second you tap the platform icon. See more information and direct export FAQs here.

One time log-in screens.


Download your entire Run Log (Excel only):
Menu > Settings > Export Run Log to Excel
Your Run Log will be delivered to your email in seconds. 

Download a single run (.TCX or Excel):
Run Log > swipe left on a session > choose .TCX or Excel
Your session will be delivered to your email in seconds. Single session downloads include minute-by-minute data in a second tab.

Export single session from Run Log


Visual Infographic for excel or .TCX export: