How do I “adjust & calibrate” my session?

We have always offered the ability to calibrate distance.  With an App update in August 2017, we added the ability to adjust duration as well. Here is the difference:

Duration Adjustment
Change the start and/or end time of your session (trim off or add back cool-down and/or warm-up minutes). Will save to the Run Log. Affects one session only. Pod does not need to be awake and available.

Distance Calibration
Edit the total distance. Will save to the Run Log. Will push an updated algorithm to your Pod and affects all future sessions. Pod needs to be awake and available.

Here is how the “adjust & calibrate” process works (see screen shots far below):

1 – Tap “adjust & calibrate”
This command is located at the top left of the Run Details screen, just below the distance.

2 – View Your Session
First you will see a visual graph of your entire session. If you want want to make any changes, tap ADJUST.

3- Adjust Duration
Next, you can change the start/stop times of your session. This is optional. Tap NEXT.

4- Calibrate Distance
Enter the known distance. Tap DONE.


More about Distance Calibration. 
Out of the box, the distance calculation is typically 94% accurate or better. A calibration will push an updated algorithm to the Pod based on your personal gait. On your next run, the accuracy will increase, typically to 97% or better. Remember that GPS is looked upon as the gold standard, but may not always be 100% accurate. Read this detailed report comparing GPS accuracy with foot pod accuracy.

More about Duration Adjustment.
Without buttons, the Pod needs to know when you start, stop and pause your sessions. It does this with built-in measure parameters. The little Pod has big smarts! But if you want to customize your session data outside these parameters, now you can. For example, if the Pod did not count your warm-up but you wanted to include it, you can add those minutes back in. If the Pod included your cool-down, but you want to erase it, go ahead! 



Visual Infographic