How do I insert the battery?

Only use CR2032 Lithium 3V. CR2025 looks the same, but is too thin and will result in inconsistent tracking.

Step 1: Twist counter-clockwise to release the Pod from the holder.

Step 2: With a coin, unscrew the battery cap counter-clockwise and remove.

Step 3: Place the battery “+” side up (facing you). It will fit loosely.

Step 4: With a coin, replace the battery cap by turning clockwise. Important! Make sure the battery cap is closed firmly and is flat. This will ensure a consistent power connection.

Step 5: Tap the Pod. You should see the LED flash on, confirming you’ve successfully installed the battery! Remember the LED color represents with shoe life, not battery life.

Step 6: After installing a new battery, we recommend that you sync your Pod to the MilestonePod App before your next run.

Every time you sync, you will get a quick alert icon to show you how your battery life is doing. Here are the general standards:

GREEN “FULL” 100%-60%

YELLOW “OK” 59%-30%

RED “LOW” 29% or less