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Loyalty Re-imagined

To Retailers, Brands and Race Directors,

You strive every day to tap into the real needs of your customers. You are always looking for ways to care for your customers beyond the point of sale and offer them something of genuine value. More than ever, consumers want to feel a sense of community. They want to belong. The result? They fall in love with you. And spread that love.

The time is now to lead brand loyalty into the future. We will help you do this quickly and easily.


Introducing MilestoneConnect, a closed loop system to enhance relationships with customers through the MilestonePod and App. You get marketing communication that is affordable and automated, yet personal and real-time. Your customers get an almost free, yet high-value running tool that seamlessly fits into any runner’s toolkit. The MilestonePod and App becomes your missing link.

Get new, CRITICAL data in real time, by runner and shoe model.


Shoe choice and fit is not a point in time. Shoes change across age, model and usage. Runners change across age, goals and focus. These changes affect stride and form. Your customers constantly need your help and guidance. And with Milestone Sports tools, you can deliver this guidance quickly, easily and regularly. Bonus: healthy runners buy more gear!

Please contact for more information about programs and products for retailers, brands and race directors.

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Milestone Sports | The Wearable Marketing Team