“At $25 a Pod, it’s worth popping one onto your running shoes for the ‘shoe odometer’ feature. Never again will you wonder if brick-like legs are coming from training or dead midsoles.”

Gift Guide: 30 Under $30 “There are a lot of advanced (and pricey) stride trackers on the market, but this budget gadget delivers many of the same measurements for the price of a few lattes.”

2016 Tech Award “This is an extremely cost-efficient way to take a look into your running performance and analytics. Testers loved how simple the device was to use and the detailed data it provided.”

“The MilestonePod provides a very simple way of getting excellent, ‘fire and forget, hardware for running on Zwift. With many cherries on top as well!”

“How does something like this compare to GPS? Surprisingly, very well. The first run measured my distance only 0.02-mile off from my GPS watch, a second one differed by 0.11 and a third run by 0.18-mile. These results were all pre-calibration.”

Stuff that will make runners (even more) obsessed with running. “An affordable alternative to more expensive gadgets and GPS watches.”

“Perfect for your favorite runner—it tracks mileage and can provide gait and performance feedback via the app. Plus, it’s super budget-friendly.”

“Whether you use the Pod to improve your running form, to free yourself of the phone on some of your runs, or simply to keep track of your shoe mileage, we found the device to be a great addition for the daily triathlete. It’s hard to find a good reason not to get one (or many!).”

“Personal tech for fitness is going beyond measuring the heart rate and the length of your run, with devices now so small you might forget they are there.”

“If you want to chart your change in cadence, there are a few apps and gadgets worth trying. The MilestonePod straps to your shoe to provide a range of data, from stride length to cadence to strike type—all of which is available on the app.”

On the wire. Milestone Sports launches new MilestonePod: the wearable you don’t have to wear.

“It’s worth the cost just for its ability to track the miles you put on your shoe, but it adds in more data than most other systems that cost many times as much.”

“There are plenty of higher priced alternatives to Milestone’s running tracker, however it has pretty much everything the casual runner might need.”

“The MilestonePod aims to simplify app-based running metrics. Whereas smartwatches and heart-rate monitors often require a steep upfront investment, the Pod will set you back just $25.”

“We hope after seeing what this gadget is capable of you’ll get the appeal of this invaluable bit of kit, not only for tracking your runs but also providing great information on how to improve your running form and, most importantly, avoiding injury!

“All you do is link it up to the handy app, clip it to your trainers, fill in a few details and you’re away. It also acts as a rather useful odometer for your shoes, working out how much distance you’ve actually done in them without you having to think about it.”

“It’s lightweight and durable, so you won’t even feel it on your foot and it syncs to your Bluetooth devices in seconds.”

“The data is presented in an easy to understand format and all previous activities are stored so you can go back and compare results.”

“Even with all the improvements, Milestone managed to keep the price the same. Milestone did an excellent job with the new Pod. If you were a fan of the last Pod, you’re sure to love the new one.”

“The MilestonePod is truly for anyone. If you already have a tracker that logs your steps, calories and distance, then the Pod can give you added information about your form, which leads to training that is easier on your body. If you do not have a tracker at all, then it is an affordable way to get started!”

“It’s super easy to set up and sync for the app, and it also automatically sends you a run report via email after you run. I seriously credit this with helping me increase my cadence by a lot.”