Milestone Sports Partners with Ultrarunner Jacqueline Palmer Merritt to Bring MilestonePod Metrics to Life


Sports wearable company signs the competitive runner to promote the brand

Columbia, MD – September 20, 2016 – Milestone Sports, a leading sports tech company focused on connecting retailers and brands to consumers through wearable devices, announces an athlete partnership with Atlanta-based ultrarunner Jacqueline Palmer Merritt. Merritt is a long-time MilestonePod user and also holds an Ph.D in the fields of Biomechanics and Physical Therapy.

During this partnership, Merritt will work with the Milestone Sports team to tell her data story – how she applies the metrics every day to become a better runner and stay healthy. She will also be tapped to provide feedback on the technology, not only as an athlete, but as someone with a deep understanding of biomechanics.

“Jackie’s expertise in both running and biomechanics will be invaluable as we work to better answer the ‘so what’ behind the wealth of data the Pod collects,” said Nancy Rowe, VP of Marketing at Milestone Sports. “We preach ‘how you run matters’ across our communications, and we look forward to showcasing Jackie’s training and racing journey to bring consumers real-life meaning to this mantra.”

Merritt has been racing ultramarathons since 2010. Her personal records on trails include:

  • 50k – 4:07
  • 50M – 7:29
  • 100k – 12:03
  • 100M – 21:40
  • 12 Hour – 70 miles in 11:42


While her specialty is ultra distances, Jackie also trains and races a fair amount on the road, including the 2015 Boston Marathon in 3:07.

“I have been a dedicated MilestonePod user since I first discovered it last year, so when they approached me about a partnership I was ecstatic about the opportunity,” said Merritt. “I’ve struggled with injuries in the past, and using the Pod helped me adjust my gait to reduce my rate of impact. It made me a happier and healthier runner, and I look forward to helping other runners use their Pod’s data in the same way.”

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Author: Nancy Rowe

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