Newton Running Partners with Milestone Sports to Offer Wearable Marketing Platform

Boulder, CO – January 21, 2016 – Newton Running, a leading performance running shoe brand, and Milestone Sports, a leading sports tech company focused on connecting retailers and brands to consumers through wearable devices, are proud to announce the pilot of the industry’s first Wearable Marketing Platform enabled by the MilestonePod.

The platform collects comprehensive run and walk data from the MilestonePod, a small and inexpensive sensor that attaches to the consumer’s running shoe, giving Newton Running the ability to deliver highly personalized and value-added messages based on individual real-time, and real-life usage of their product. Such messaging can include proper shoe replacement and fit recommendations, coaching tips to improve running performance and health, special offers, product announcements, and other rewards.

The Wearable Marketing Platform is a win for consumers. A runner can get data beyond what is available from his or her GPS watch or phone app. These unique foot-based metrics include foot strike (heel/mid/toe), rate of impact, cadence, stride length and ground contact time to improve running efficiency over time. Not only is the user educated and motivated by unique running form metrics and insights, but they find a brand’s messaging more valuable as it is both timely and personalized. The MilestonePod is also user-friendly and seamlessly fits into the consumer’s current running or walking habits. Simply lace it on the shoe and go; no need to recharge, use a GPS signal, carry a phone or push buttons.


“More than ever, consumers want to feel a sense of community. They want to feel like a brand still cares about them after the point of sale,” said Craig Heisner, President of Newton Running. “Milestone Sports’ affordable and accessible technology allows us to quickly and easily test what we think is the next generation of customer engagement and belonging.”

The platform will also allow Newton Running to see, for the first time, exactly how runners are performing in their Newton shoes, both daily and over time. Newton Running will launch the MilestonePod on its website beginning January 21, 2016. The Pod will be a significant component of the Gravity V launch in early February as well, creating the opportunity for Newton Running to begin a conversation with buyers of the all-new Gravity V.

“Milestone Sports believes that wearable marketing is the future of brand and retailer loyalty programs and we are proud to launch this pilot with the forward thinkers at Newton Running,” added Jason Kaplan, CEO of Milestone Sports. “As a young company, we are currently focused on running and walking, but testing for other sports is already underway. Low cost sensors that automatically provide mutually beneficial data to both the user and the brand or retailer is the future of customer loyalty and engagement. Our Wearable Marketing Platform makes the previously unattainable goal of one-to-one marketing a reality.”


About Newton Running

Newton Running, based in Boulder, CO, is the leader in performance running shoes for people at all levels of the sport, from first-time 5k runners to seasoned marathoners. Newton Running’s patented Action/Reaction™ technology provides dynamic full-foot cushioning and lightweight comfort. Newton Running shoes are available at hundreds of specialty retailers across the country and around the world or at Newton Running launched in 2007 by Jerry Lee and Danny Abshire. Newton Running was named after Sir Isaac Newton and Newton’s third law, which is the technology that has made Newton Running shoes renowned.

About Milestone Sports

Milestone Sports, Ltd. is focused on connecting retailers and brands to consumers through its Wearable Marketing Platform (WMP). The platform collects comprehensive data from a low-cost sensor worn on the consumer’s shoe that wirelessly syncs to a mobile device. This rich, real-life data results in meaningful, personal, and valuable direct marketing: the future of retailer and brand loyalty. For more information visit


Author: Nancy Rowe

Nancy is the VP of Marketing and Communications at Milestone Sports. She can be reached at