The Pod for Clinicians

Go Beyond the Clinic!

Use the power of the low-cost MilestonePod to extend your data evaluation into real life. With the Pod, you can offer a unique client experience, drive return visits and stand out as the running expert. Bonus: Your clients will love it too!

For physical therapists and clinicians: Data Report

  • Delivered to your inbox each Monday morning.
  • Get data by runner: daily details + weekly averages.
  • Excel format allows for unlimited analytics.
  • Fully automatic. No manual action needed.

For your runners: MilestonePod and App

  • Clip the Pod to your shoe once and forget it.
  • Sync to a free App post run. No need to carry your phone.
  • Includes a Shoe Odometer and Run Log.
  • Stay motivated to get healthy by knowing HOW you run.

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See full metric descriptions here.


“The MilestonePod is a great adjunct to clinic-based treatment.  With the Pod, we no longer have to ask our patients to keep a record of their runs and we get consistent feedback about their running mechanics. With the Pod recording cadence, rate of impact, and stride length, we can understand how they are running outside of the clinic and determine if our retraining is carrying over to real-world running.

“The Pod gives our patients a clean and easy way to track compliance with our recommendations while tracking their own mileage and training.  Because the Pod fills multiple roles, our patients are more inclined to start using it and keep using it.”
– Dr. Andrew Lynch, UPMC, Pittsburgh, PA