Milestone was acquired by Zwift in 2018. Going forward, you will start to see emails from Zwift and articles and support referencing the Zwift RunPod. No sweat - we’ll continue to support your MilestonePod, it just may come from a Zwift email address. Also, your MilestonePod will still work on Zwift just fine. Read more about the Zwift RunPod and Zwift here.


The MilestonePod is a simple and accurate tracking device for runners and walkers of all levels. No buttons, no hassle. Just clip and go.
MSRP $29.95

Tracks Gait Metrics,
distance, Pace & Time.
NO Buttons. No GPS.
No Charging.
Incredibly Valuable.
Simply affordable.

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Now you can know exactly when to retire your shoes.

Pay attention to how your running data changes over the life of a shoe, including rate of impact and foot strike. Our data shows that on average, rate of impact begins to increase at 65% of shoe life and dramatically increases at 110% of shoe life.


Sync your Pod to the MilestonePod App to view in-depth performance and gait data. The more you know, the more efficient runner you can be. FREE.

View Gait &
Health Metrics.
See Basic
Performance data.
Discover trends
over time

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Available for FREE
on iTunes and Google Play