The App

Sync your MilestonePod to the App after your workout.

View accurate, foot-based gait metrics.
Includes foot strike, rate of impact, cadence and stride length.
View all the metrics we track.

See basic performance data.
Includes distance, pace, duration, steps and calories.

Discover trends over time.
Enjoy plenty of graphs and a downloadable run history log.




For a full list of devices that can be used with the MilestonePod App see supported devices.



This is your home base. The Dashboard displays your Shoe Odometer, weekly and monthly distance totals, and basic data from your last run.  If you have multiple Pods connected to your App, swipe left or right to go between them. From here, "Tap to Sync" to download new runs and "Tap for Details" to dive into your metrics.

Run Details

In Run Details, scroll through all the metrics the Pod tracks: foot strike, cadence, ground contact time, rate of impact, stride length, leg swing and Runficiency Score™. From here, you can access the run/walk toggle, the adjust/calibrate screens, single run graphs, and laps.

Run Log

The Run Log is your personal workout history. Scroll through every run and walk you ever did, grouped and totaled by week and month. Click on a session to see Run Details or swipe left to delete or download. From here, access all graphs over time. To download your entire Run Log: Menu > Setting > Export to Excel.


Discover gait and shoe trends with automatically graphed data. Graphs are available for single sessions and over time (averaged for up to 30 runs). Includes: foot strike, rate of impact, leg swing, pace, cadence, Runficiency Score™, pace vs cadence, pace vs. stride length, pace vs ground contact and pace vs Runficiency Score™.

Adjust and Calibrate

From Run Details, tap "adjust and calibrate" to customize your session. You can view your entire session (included and excluded minutes), adjust the start/stop times, and calibrate the initial or adjusted distance. Changes are saved and can then be viewed in your Run Log.


Interested in improving your gait as you Go Beyond Pace? Choose a metric to focus on and receive emailed tips and progress reports based on your performance. Developed by Alan Webb, the current American Record holder for the mile.