The Pod

The affordable and simple shoe-worn device gives you:

A smart shoe odometer.
Know the total mileage of your shoes. No more manual tracking!

Gait and performance metrics.
Get unique foot-based data not available from other devices. Click to view the metrics we track.

A convenient GPS back-up.
The Pod works everywhere, even indoors. And no charging needed!

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[Some] real-time metrics

Connect the Pod as a real-time Bluetooth® foot pod to compatible Bluetooth apps or watches. See more details here

No GPS signal needed

The MilestonePod uses sensors and an accelerometer, so it is not dependent on a GPS signal. You won’t need to wait for a signal or worry about running indoors or in the woods. The Pod works anywhere and everywhere.

No need to recharge

The Pod uses a standard watch battery that usually lasts longer than the average pair of shoes (4-6 months). So take one device off your daily recharge list!

Syncs via Bluetooth® in seconds

No need to carry your phone on your run. Sync to your smart device after you get home. Don’t worry about forgetting – the tiny Pod has enough memory to store up to 20 hours of running or walking.

Lightweight and durable

The MilestonePod weighs 13 grams, so you won’t even feel it on your foot. And don’t worry about the weather – the Pod is waterproof!

New shoes? Same Pod!

When it’s time to get new shoes, there is no need to get a new Pod. Simply reset your Pod in the App and input your new shoe information. No run history will be lost!